Cosmetic Eye Surgery

Facial aging changes are due to the effects of gravity, loss of skin elasticity, and changes in fat distribution. Some of the most pronounced effects appear in the eyelids. The upper eyelids and eyebrows frequently become droopy, and upper eyelid skin can become redundant. The lower eyelid skin can sag and become puffy. These changes have cosmetic and functional effects. Patients appear older than their age, and vision can be impaired. The drooping eyelid skin can block the upper field of vision, and eventually central vision. Patients complain of having to constantly raise their eyebrows to see properly, causing eye strain and headaches. The anatomy of eyelids and eyelid skin is quite complex. The eyelid skin and muscles are delicate; they must be aligned precisely so the lids look and function normally. Dr. Raji Selvaraj is a board certified ophthalmologist who specializes in oculoplastic surgery. She is experienced in facial surgery, and particularly eyelid rejuvenation (blepharoplasty). Dr. Selvaraj will discuss your concerns in detail and will formulate goals for surgery with you. She always strives to maintain a natural appearance to your eyes while achieving the enhancements you desire. Call today and schedule a consultation with Dr. Selvaraj; find out how she can put the “light” back in your eyes.

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